Welcome to MCastillo’s!

Hi there!  Thanks for visiting my cooking blog!  This blog is about my menu for my “someday” restaurant coming together one meal at a time.  You will witness how I turn classic Filipino dishes to it’s healthiest and most delicious best.  Read on to hear about my first dish…


4 Responses to “Welcome to MCastillo’s!”

  1. Jeremy Faulkner Says:

    Sounds delicious. I’m looking forward to new recipes!

  2. Cherrie Says:

    Wow..you are so talented, i didn’t know you can cook really well. Anyway my dad is a Chef..i think if you keep practicing you will have your restaurant one day, and of course i’ll be your first customer! lol I hope so! Thanks for sharing your cooking blog with me, i can use your recipes from now on. Salamat! Keep cooking healthy!

  3. Henry Phan Says:

    lol, i think sinigang (sp?) should be your next entry

    • Mark Castillo Says:

      the pounded beef in tamarind broth is pretty much sinigang – what makes sinigang is the tamarind broth – we usually use the mix because fresh real unripe tamarind is hard to find – sinigang is super simple – for example : shrimp sinigang – 1) boil water – add tomatoes and onions 2) add green beans, radish, eggplant 3) if using shrimp, add when veggies are almost done 4) add tamarind mix to taste

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