Supper Club 03/02/10 at O’s

I wasn’t quite sure if I should write a post about what I prepared for this night’s gathering because I did not have much time to prepare for it.  I simply used what I had in the fridge.  The three things I prepared were:

Jicama salad


Fresh Jicama : I think I got this from Ranch 99 on Buford Highway Inside the Perimeter near 285 – Be careful when shopping for Jicama because the turnover might be low therefore you will often find old jicamas for sale. I cut the them like I would potatoes if I was making larger french fries.

Red Jalapeno: I should have used red chili but Kroger didn’t have it.  It pretty much just served as a visual addition since I only used a small one and cut it into very small pieces.  I guess it could have worked with more cut into bigger pieces.

Vinegar: I used Palm vinegar – use as much as you like.

Salt: I didn’t measure the salt. – trust your instincts and taste as you add the salt

Combine the ingredients, voila – use as an appetizer or side

Pan fried New York Strip

I had to bring some meat into our gathering because no one else was!

I bought two half pound strips from Super H Mart next to Brandsmart at Peachtree Industrial and I-285 -nice quality meat for $6.99/lb.

I marinated them with soy sauce, worchestire, generic dry seasoning from Kroger, dash of lemon pepper.  I did this a couple minutes before cooking.

Heat enough smart balance oil to cover pan-  cook approximately 4-6 minutes per side depending on how you want you steak.  I did about 5 minutes.

I used some leftover Jicama and small guava as garnish and decoration.

Red Mung Bean with Soy Milk

A simple, tasty, and healthy dessert

I cooked some red mung beans in a 2 to 1 ratio of water to bean until soft and let it cool.  I used about 3/4 of the mung bean in a blender with some Unsweetened soy milk (Silk)  – which you can get at your local Kroger.  I placed it in an attractive bowl and mixed in the unprocessed mung bean.  As a sweetener, I used generic splenda(sucralose) to taste,  serve chilled in small bowls or cups.  As soon I find some popsicle molds, I’ll make some with this concoction – perfect low carb, low saturaded fat, high protein dessert. Can you believe you can have all those word in the same sentence?

Of course I received compliments about all of the three.  Different people liked different dishes better than others.  I’m so glad B (S’s date) was able to join us but he didn’t try the mung beans! S didn’t as well!  However, you definitely can’t  go wrong when you have choices.


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