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(Tinadtad) Pounded Flank Steak with Bok Choy in Tamarind Broth

April 1, 2010

This post is dedicated to the memory of my beloved “mama Minda.”  When I was 6 to 10 years old I lived with my aunt (whom I called mama Minda), Antie Lourdes and five cousins (mama Minda’s children).  I remember having this dish often in that household.  I think it must have been one of mama Minda’s favorites and I have recently been yearning to be able to eat it again and more recently to be able to cook it myself.  I can’t think of any other time I’ve had this dish other than my Aunt’s household and when my mom have cooked it.  I tried searching for the recipe on the internet but wasn’t successful ( is it then maybe a secret recipe?) so I simply asked my mom how to cook it.  This is actually an amazingly simple but hearty dish.

1 1/2 lbs flank steak cut into strips then pounded with the dull side of a large chefs knife

3 shalots – sliced

1/2 onion diced

3/4 lb tomatoes cut into medium pieces

2 tlbs oil

1/2 head garlic

fish sauce

salt and pepper

Bok Choy – cut into bite size pieces

Tamarind soup mix – I bought mine from Buford Highway Farmers Market just past 285 OTP

Saute garlic, then onions, then tomatoes – season with salt and pepper to release flavors (approximately 10 minutes on high) I don’t have a good wok so maybe that’s why it takes me longer

Add beef, add water – bring to a boil (try to gauge how much liquid you would want in this soup – I ended up adding too much and it was a waste of the beef flavor and tamarind mix)

Lower heat, simmer for 1 hr or more to tenderize meat and release beef flavor into broth – skim any scum that rises (my steak was lean so I didn’t have to skim any oil)

Add bok coy pieces – cook until vegetable is cooked to your liking – but don’t overcook

My mom thinks that it may be unnecessary to use the tamarind mix but I decided to use it with some fish sauce and I added a little more black pepper.  If you didn’t want to use the tamarind mix(makes it more sour) then just use fish sauce or salt to flavor broth.


While traditionally eaten with hot steamed white rice, I ate it with my favorite high protein, high fiber super grain called quinoa(steamed-in a rice cooker – same amount of water).  I guess the two represent the perfect harmony between new and old, past and present.